Saturday, August 25, 2007


I thought I would write more about myself and then invite my swap partners to check it out. OK here goes:

I'm 57 with 1 adult son who lives in San Jose, CA. My son that is...:-) I live in Houston, TX and it's hot as ____ here!! I'm originally from RI.

I started knitting again about a year and a half ago...don't know why and don't remember why I quit. I do a lot of design as I go stuff. I'll start a pattern and find that I don't like it so I just change it. Of course, this means that I don't make sweaters or anything like that! I make scarves, blankets, potholders, afghans, a couple of hats, shawls, coasters, stuff like that.

My faves are merino, cotton, alpaca, mohair, blends. I also like the new acrylic blends they now make and stuff like polyester that feels so soft!

I love bright colors!! Jewel tones: purple, red, kelly green, royal blue, black, did I say purple! Bright turquoise, aqua, gray. I love variegated! I love hand-painted yarn! No orange, brown or yellow.

I love chocolate of course!! But I try to only buy the good dark chocolate...usually plain but sometimes with raspberry or ginger in it. No nuts! But it is not a good time to send me any chocolate! It will melt before it gets to me. :-( Maybe in October and November it will be ok.

I love sweet snacks. But I am allergic to strawberries and wheat. So my snacks have to be gluten free please. It's quite easy to find this stuff nowadays. Whole Foods usually has a good inventory as do other supermarkets. I love cookies...especially peanut butter. Of course, chocolate is always good. No nuts please...just don't like them in things.

Let's see. I don't really collect much...of course not counting yarn, books and music. :-) I do collect kokopelli. He's a neat character.

I'm a tea drinker. ... decaf please. I drink a lot green tea and herbals. At work it's mainly tea bags, but at home I do brew loose tea. I would like to try more white tea since they now make a lot of different flavors. But herbals are excellent too! and they are all decaf! A previous swap buddy from UK sent me some Twinings that I have never seen before...Excellent!! Fruity herbal combos. Delish.

I like candles and aromatherapy. I like lavender, eucalyptus, lilac, clean smells.

I guess that enough. Ask me if you need any more info!

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Devonshire said...

Where in RI? I lived in Providence for 4 years. Hope you are enjoying the tea swap.