Tuesday, July 10, 2007

KTS3 Stuff!!


Do ya wonder what’s inside??!! Lots of goodies!!

Here’s what my new good friend Jill sent me:

2 skeins of cotton yarn – 1 each Peaches & Creme and Sugar ‘n Creme. I’m already making a dishcloth with the Peaches & Creme.

2 skeins of Noro – I’ve never used it before!! I’m already making a design as I go shawl. Each skein will be an end and for the middle I’m using a red/brown tonal variegated boucle yarn. So far it looks pretty cool. I like the way the colors of the Noro became “stripes”. I will have to wind the 2nd skein of Noro “backwards” so the colors match the other end.

2 patterns to make some purses.

COOKIES!!! Gluten free COOKIES!!!! They were delish! Yup...long gone.

Several teas: Celestial Seasonings Persian Mint Spice which I had not seen before – very soothing flavor. Mighty Leaf African Nectar (rooibos) which I haven’t yet tried. SporTea which I haven’t tried either but looks interesting. Has ginseng in it for energy. How did Jill know I’m always pooped!

Last but not least, a sampler packet of teas from Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia!! Yup, Jill bought me stuff while she was on vacation! Actually there’s only a couple left already which is why I haven’t yet tried some of the other teas. These are all yummy! I may be ordering some from them since she was nice enough to include an info sheet for ordering.

She also bought me some cool soap while on vacation. Soap-in-a-Parka handmade by Seaside Opus, Winilchik, Alaska!! It smells wonderful! It exfoliates since you use the soap IN the “parka” which is wool. Cool huh??!!!

A journal with a cute teapot on the cover. Some Red Tea Cherry lip balm. A tea cup that says “A simple surefire pick-me-up sipping from my happy cup.” Some blackberry honey from Santa Rosa, CA where she lives.

So I think Miss Jill did a wonderful job spoiling me! Thanks for all the goodies!