Saturday, April 7, 2007


It seems that knitting diagonally uses more yarn. If I use only the 2 skeins of verigated yarn that I have, I won't be able to make a nice long scarf for my pal.

So I added the solid purple I had bought but I didn't like the different texture with the verigated. So I ripped it and tried another one....and ripped it and tried another one.

I like the last one but in ripping and ripping I found now I didn't have the correct number of stitches since I was ripping increases and decreases. I never do that very well.

So I added a few stitches back and been working it for awhile. So, each end will be verigated and the middle section will be purple. I'll probably post a photo after doing more to it.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Close up

This came out way too dark. But I'm posting it any way.

I wish I knew how to place photos where I wanted them!!

Can someone help out a newbie??!!

Got pattern?

I think I got it I think I got it!!!

How's this?

It's easy and shows off the beautiful colors. I like diagonal.

Do you?

Now which pattern???

I love the yarn I found. The colors are cool! But now what to do with it.

I can design something that's it. I'll design a pattern.

Nope...didn't work out. Didn't like any of them!

I'll have to surf the 'net!!

Another post?

How does anyone with a new blog remember they have a blog???!!!

I started this because I wanted to join ISE4 and I do remember to visit that blog and post. I even posted a photo already!

OK.'s the yarn I bought for my secret pal.