Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Busy Swapping!!

Boy am I gonna be busy!! I joined 3 swaps!! I just received my pal's name for the 2nd swap. One more to go! I already contacted 1 buddy and will contact the other one soon. I've been contacted by 1 of my spoilers. But she gave me her name and location! :-( I like it when it's a secret. :-( I was kinda flip in my response to her so I hope she emails me back.

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Anonymous said...

My K1,T2 gifter let her identity become known too. Oh well, I've still got 2 other swaps and as long as I still get spoiled I guess I really don't care:0) I'm in the Xmas one you in...but I'm not sure if that's anonymous or not yet?