Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here is my ISE4 questionnaire

1. Your full name. bje (real first name is actually Elizabeth which I only use on legal documents)

2. The name you use when blogging. I just created my first blog!! I'm so proud. :-) bj the knit newbie

3. The best email address for us to use when contacting you. somewhere on the 'net...

4. Your Blog URL. http://bj-the-knit-newbie

5. Country USA

6. Your mailing address (This will only be disclosed to your pal.)
somewhere in Houston, TX :-)

7. Colours you like. aqua, red, purples, black, teal, kelly green, grays, off whites.

8. Colours you hate. oranges, browns, yellows They make me look yellowy. :-(

9. Fibres you like. I like blends...wool, mohair, silk, cashmere, alpaca, the new polyester blend soft stuff.

10. Fibres you hate/allergies. acrylic

11. Preferred scarf length. don't really have a preferred length. Since I live in Houston, TX, I don't get to use a "really wintery warm" scarf much.

But, I do like a soft lacey thin type scarf that I can wrap a couple of times around my neck and still have a lot hanging. So about 60" is good for that kind of scarf.

But I'm also really into a "fashion" scarf that I can wear in the office as an accessory and also wrap a little when my neck gets cold. So that would be maybe about 40" for that. Lacey is good for that also...and "dainty" yarn.

I love patterns that are reversible!! But something that is pretty on both sides is cool too!

12. Solid or variegated? variegated is definitely cool. I do love color!! Doesn't have to be variegated but more than 1 color is cool. But I don't like intarsia, fair isle or the like.

13. Cables or lace? no cables pls. lacey is very cool since I live in a very warm climate.

14. Are you interested in a crochet or woven scarf? no

15. Would you prefer a pal with a blog? doesn't matter

TA DA!!!!

Ta Da!!! I just created my first blog!!! I've joined the International Scarf Exchange #4 and thought I would also try my hand at blogging.

I consider myself a newbie knitter even though I've knitted for awhile...hence the blog name.

I'm going back to reading about blogs so I can maybe post some photos. Oh...I guess it would help if I learned to first use my camera? :-)