Sunday, December 2, 2007


Here's my new scarf!!

I used the 2-color trick with circs with 3 colors. "-) I think it turned out neat! I hope my ISE5 pal likes it!!

I other thing I'm behind in is putting buttons on my sidebar!!


Dawn said...

Hi bj!
It's your ISE pal here! I've received my parcel - it's just great! I LOVE the scarf! It was bitterly cold tonight so I wore it home! I'm going to post on the ISE blog now!

Many many thanks for such a super package! You did great!


spinne said...

Hi Betty-Jean, I have received your package today. I was soooooo surprised! Sooooo many nice things! I love everything. And you knitted such a nice shawl for me. I love the colors and the pattern. And thank you so much for the handpainted wool. I'm going to knit socks out of it. And all the other things you sent me - chocolate, tea, the nice dish cloth with the thing to make cookies (dont know how to say it in English), the notepad, the candle and the ornaments for the christmas tree. It's such a great package! Thank you so much! I wanted to wait unpacking the things till christmas eve but I couldn't . Many thanks for the package - I am going to post it on christmasblog tomorrow!
Margreth from Austria

spinne said...

Me again! How could I forget the body lotion - I like the flavor! And the nice little treasure book of christmas memories and the different patterns for the bags and the scarf. I really need a wide angle lense for my camera to take a picture of all these things! Thank you so much.

Jill said...

Good for you -- It turned out great!

Suzie said...

Hi! You won the contest on my blog "Knitting Mama."
Please email me at with your address so I can get your prize out to you!

Suzie said...

Hi--sorry for the delay in responding--I have a 2 year old:-). I passed the prize onto the runner up because I couldnt reach you. I tried looking you up on Ravelry a number of times, with no luck. I will be having another contest soon, with 2 prizes, and if you leave me a comment (with Rav name or email) I can make sure you get a sweet prize--more yarn!